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I came to photography in a roundabout way. I was raised by musicians, which led me to study music technology in my early twenties. In the course of this study I found my true interest: the intersection of art and technology. After several years of digital music and amateur filmmaking, and almost entirely on a whim, I bought my first still photography camera. It was second-hand, an obsolete model with poor optics and a dirty sensor, but through that lens I discovered a world brimming with stories waiting to be told and beauty begging to be preserved.

I’ve become an onlooker, an observer of the world around me and of the people who occupy it. Whether it’s with the world or with each other or even with the camera, natural human interaction is so visually fascinating. And, despite our efforts, there is so much beauty to be seen in the world. These are my favorite photographic subjects.

Several years ago, I became an uncle, and I now have 10 nieces and nephews. I love being an uncle, probably more than I love being a photographer, so it’s fortunate that my identity as an uncle has merged seamlessly with my identity as a photographer (I take photos of the babies—lots of photos). Thus, a gallery for each niece and nephew and an Instagram feed exclusively featuring selfies with babies.

Say hello! Use the links below to connect with me on social media, or email me at josiah@josiahthorngate.com. To see a sample of my wedding photography, click here.

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